Unfiltered: Tips For Hosting The Perfect Wine Tasting Party

Unfiltered: Tips For Hosting The Perfect Wine Tasting PartyWith the cooler weather upon us, now is the season for indoor entertaining. Why not consider hosting an in-home wine tasting party? They are becoming more popular every year as people become more interested in learning about wine in an informal, friendly and fun environment. They allow your guests to try and learn about a variety of different wines and wine styles, and they are much easier to pull off than you might think.
 The first decision to make is which types of wines will you be tasting. Some folks choose the wines to pair with certain foods, such as for a dinner party for example. Another option is to choose a particular wine region: France, Italy, Argentina, etc. or a particular grape variety such as; Pinot Noir, Chardonnay etc. or style (sweet, sparkling, fortified). The possibilities are endless. Here are a few great tips that I would like to share; Ask your guests to bring a bottle of wine for tasting with them in lieu of a hostess gift. This takes the pressure off of you and allows your guests to introduce you to a great bottle of wine that may have discovered; Ask your guests to avoid where scented products, and ensure the room is also free from overwhelming scents that will interfere with the wine tasting; Supply your guests with pen & paper so that they can jot down their thought and impressions of the wines to share with the group; Always use very clean, clear wine glasses. If they have been previously washed in the dishwasher rinse them with very hot water to ensure there is no residue left behind; Have a few palate cleansers available for guests if you will not be serving food. Palate cleansers do exactly what you would expect them to do. They help to erase the flavours of the previous wines from your palate. Great examples include, slices of French bread, mild cheeses and crackers. You will also want to have water available, as well as spit cups; Finally, the order that the wines are served in is very important. Always serve white wines before reds, light bodied before full, and dry before sweet. Not serving them in the proper order will make it very challenging to taste the wines.
 Finally, of course remember to encourage all of your guests to drink responsibly, offer for them to spend the night, or call them a cab to ensure that they arrive at home safely. For more information visit my blog at unfilteredbyvictoria.wordpress.com.