Unfiltered: Spring Forward With Some Refreshing Patio Wines

A Patio wine is a wine that is easy drinking and approachable. Patio wines are light, crisp, and tend to be higher in acidity and lower in alcohol. Patio wines are fairly simple, and while they can be enjoyed alone, they also pair easily with most simple summer dishes.
One of the first patio wines that comes to mind for most people is rose. And no, I am not referring to the mass produced, sickeningly sweet Kool-Aid style wine that many of us may have drunk when we were young. A good quality rose is going to be dry and range in colour from salmon pink to deep fuschia.  They are fruity and well balanced with a lingering finish. The best roses come from well known wine producing regions such as Provence, Bordeaux, Spain and New Zealand. A few recommendations are; Chivite Gran Feudo Rosado from Spain, and Yvecourt Bordeaux Rose from France.
Another fantastic patio wine is Portugal’s Vinho Verde. Vinho Verde is light, slightly effervescent and sometimes can have a touch of sweetness.  It is very easy drinking and inexpensive.  Unfortunately, ANBL only carries one, but it is a good one. It is called Gazella.
Muscadet is another great patio wine. Coming from the Loire region of France, it is bottled directly from the barrel after having been aged on the lees which imparts flavours of bread dough and yeast. Muscadet usually has a bit of bubbliness, making it very fun to drink. It is the perfect companion to all types of shellfish, but is also great all on its own.  Try La Sablette.
Torrontes, the most well known white wine from Argentina, these wines do not get the attention they deserve. Grown in the highest vineyards in the world, the high altitude means intense sunshine, but the low temps help the grapes to retain their acidity. Torrontes is fresh, fruity and fun to drink. Try Don David Torrontes.
Last but not least is Bubbly. Whether mixed OJ for Mimosas or enjoyed all by it’s glorious self, you can never go wrong with sparkling wine whether it for a special occasion or just because it’s Tuesday. Italy’s most famous sparkling wine is Prosecco and it is perfect for summer. Made using the tank method, they are fresh, fruity, and affordable, usually around the $20 range. Find them in the Sparkling wine section at ANBL, all of them are great.
While I have named a few styles of wines that are perfect for sipping on your patio, there are so many more. For more recommendations and recipes, or to book a wine tasting event please visit my blog at  unfilteredbyvictoria.wordpress.com.