Unfiltered: Easy Breezy Summer Sippin’

Here come the dog days of summer, and I say bring it on! As the weather gets hotter, most people prefer lighter, more refreshing beverages. So, this month I would take the opportunity to talk to you about some of my favourite tried and true summer ‘Go-To’ drinks.
There are a few things to consider when deciding what to drink in hotter weather. Firstly, we want something light, and refreshing. Secondly, we want something lower in alcohol, especially when starting a little earlier in the day sitting around the pool or patio. Thirdly, we like to keep it simple, who wants to spend all of their free time mixing overly complicated drinks? and lastly, it is all about the presentation. It needs to look pretty in the glass! Whether it be a slice of fruit or a few handpicked herbs from your herb garden, the perfect garnish is easy to come by this time of year.
When I make a refreshing cocktail for my guests I always make them from scratch. The art of mixing drinks, now known as ‘Mixology” is so much easier than it looks and tastes 100% better than those ready-to-drink, overpriced, too-sweet, concoctions available at your local liquor store. Here are a few of my personal favs to try this time of year.
Wheat Beer: these are going to be very light and fruity with aromas of banana and other tropical fruit.  Pour them in a tall glass and garnish with an orange slice or handful of berries. Try St. Ambroise Apricot Wheat Ale, or if you prefer something local. Try Picaroons Dooryard wheat ale.
Radler: Simply put a radler is beer and fruit juice mixed together. They are also very pretty in a glass and garnished. They are typically 4% alcohol or less, and super refreshing! My fav is the Pumphouse Crafty Radler.
Sangria: super easy to make!  A sangria is any wine (white or red) plus fruit juice or ginger ale/sprite and any variety of fresh cut fruit. Mixed together and served in a wine glass with fruit. Most recipes are going to call for the addition of a spirit, which I always omit in an effort to keep the ABV low.
Last but not least, try putting a spin on your favourite old school cocktail. I am a sucker for a Cucumber Mojito, garnished with fresh sliced of cukes, or how about a Watermelon Margarita, or a Banana Daiquiri?
Remember to drink responsibly, and always have a few glasses of water to stay hydrated. Have a safe and amazing Summer.