The Crayon Box: Take A Chance On Green

The party that got back to us the earliest was the Green Party. They currently hold one seat and are hoping for some big change this September. This week I had the pleasure of interviewing John Sabine (Hampton), Ann McAllister (Rothesay), and Marilyn Merritt-Gray (Gagetown-Petitcodiac).
I started off my interview with Mr. Sabine by asking about someone who has inspired him. He responded that his mother was the most important person in his life. She had a college education, rare for a woman to have at that time. She was down-to-earth and logical and Mr. Sabine says that to him, “motherhood is the most important job in the world.” When Ms. Merritt-Gray was asked the same question, she told me about Alma Brooks, an elder at St. Mary’s First Nation who advocates for many causes. Ms. Merritt-Gray said she’s a wise, reasonable lady who is a straight-shooter.
Policy-wise, the candidates agree on many ideas, most falling under the six party principles. They all expressed a wish to focus on local food rather than importing in from far away. The term “living within our means” came up a lot, from the financial sector, to the health sector, to the environment. They are all against the spending habits of the current Liberal party, as they believe people in general should not consume more than they can safely produce. For Ms. McAllister, this means finding renewable energy sources and increasing the efficiency of our transportation system. Plus, she wants to see buildings where a whole bunch of different health services can be found under one roof, as she believed this would speed up waiting times for specialists. Mr. Sabine drew attention to the fact that storms made worse by climate change are costing taxpayers more and more money and that weaning ourselves off of fossil fuels would be, for him, an important project. However, he also pointed out that change doesn’t happen overnight. Ms. Merritt-Gray desires stronger economies in our rural areas. She points out that if the rural people don’t speak up and vote, then policy will be dictated in a way that might not favour them. She also wants the government to pay more attention to our homecare sector, as she feels as though the voices of seniors have not been heard.
Next time, we’ll look at the Green Party’s opinions on democracy. To be continued…