Tales From The Camera Bag: Non Photography Gear You Need

As many of you might know my wife is a Paramedic and she loves and is very proud of her profession, She likes to educate and volunteer to teach others the skills of those in the paramedic field. The other weekend she volunteered to work the Amazeatorium and she had help from Andy the Ambulance, Andy is a big ambulance that has blinking eyes, can scoot about and talk with children as Andy is on their eye level. But this guy is big and when she voluntold me that we were picking Andy up it meant that I had to clean out my truck and that is what inspired this article.
Now, at my age I am about as graceful as a hog on ice so having a spare change of clothes is a must, not only because I am clumsy and fall down but at other times I just want to see what’s on the other side of the stream. For those times it is helpful to have a third leg or even a forth so I stow trekking poles as well. My favorite thing to shoot is the seashore so I carry both knee high boots (one insulated pair for winter and one not) also a pair of hip waders and why is it that the waders are never high enough, every time I put them on to take shot of a stream or waterfalls a little trickle of water sneaks over the top? Also, in the clothing department I carry a “Buff”. A tube like headwear that is used as a neck warmer, skull cap, face mask, beret. I have also used it to clean, wipe and signal.
Food, I have some dehydrated food, all you do is add is boiling water and let it stand. Which means I also need water, fuel, burner pots… But I don’t always carry that often, most often I just carry energy bars and water.
My family says I have a thing for small multi purpose knives and flashlights. I carry both a small hand light and a head lamp (or two) in my camera bag and a swiss army knife in my pocket. Flash lights are so handy when searching in your camera bag at night or pointing a light beam out into the night to service as a focal point. My knife has been used to cut bread and cheese, uncork a bottle or two and cut paracord to tie down my tripod.  I’ve not been nervy enough to strike out to far out in the unknown but if I did I would bring a local topical graphical map and a “Spot Beacon” for emergency rescue or a satellite phone.  Again, my family constantly tell me “ Leave a note as to where I might be going” so they know where to send the rescue party. Sheesh, but it is the Smart thing to do. Shoot-Print-Share.