Tales From The Camera Bag: By The Sea

Tales From The Camera Bag: By The SeaAs long as I can remember I have to been attracted to the ocean. To look out to the horizon and realize that we can go anywhere in the world from here. From this very shore where my grandchildren and I pitch rocks. I have walked its shoreline on the both the Atlantic and Pacific coasts. North, off the coasts of Iceland and south on a popular beach in Chile. It’s always the same, the sea siren sings her song and casts her magic over me. I listen to the waves as she gently tumbles the little stones on shore and at other times as the bigger waves slosh big boulders around making it sound like bowling balls being pitted against each
 According to an article by Pranaview Australia called The Power of Negative Ions- The Ocean and Bodies of Water -​Negative Ions- the invisible healer.​ The negative ions by the ocean and large bodies of water are healing and nurturing, helping everything from mood enhancement, allergy relief, sex drive and migraines. I say to my family should I ever become ill take me to the ocean, let me breathe in the healing nature of these negative ions. But most times I just enjoy the peace, memories and the rhythm.
 However, my challenge is: how do I capture what I feeling when I am here on the shore? Sometimes it’s very peaceful with beautiful sunset colours and other times the ocean is violent, scary and exciting. My friends and I have donned colourful rain gear and have been on the shore in the height of a rainstorm with crashing waves and on other days we watch a peaceful early morning sunrise, watching Mother nature as she puts her makeup on.
 On this day I looked out onto the ocean and beyond, the sea was reticent keeping her secrets to herself and the colours were soft, muted pastel shades of grey, pink and gold The task was to convey what I saw to have someone look at my image and know what I felt or even better, have then sense this for themself.   

Tales From The Camera Bag: By The Sea As an image maker I needed to decide how to convey the sense of peace, what tools would I use? I timed exposure would do the trick and for that I required a tripod ( quick tip: keep three old CD’s with you to place under your tripod legs to give added stability while on wet sand). Next, I needed to decide on a neutral density filter, I chose a 10 stop. A neutral density filter is like a pair of sunglasses for your camera but you get to decide on how dark those glasses are, the darker the glass the longer the exposure, the longer the exposure the smoother the sea becomes. Of course every image requires composition, this was simple the first one was clean and without distraction just the sea and sky the following included a rock and a distant ship. SHOOT – PRINT – SHARE