Tales From The Camera Bag: Noise

By the title of this essay you might think I am referring to the noise in one’s images, rather, I am referring to the noise in our heads. The last two mornings, I was out the door by 6:00am heading for the Hampton Marshes. I was hoping for a form of “Fire Mist,” that occurs when a bright red sunrise lights up the fog in magentas, pinks or reds.

I hiked in for 15 minutes to the water’s edge, leaving behind the noise of traffic and other human trappings. Now, I was immersed in nature. The smell of the water, the cool refreshing feel of the moist air on my face. The fog as it came and went revealing herons and ducks feeding. Overhead a “V” of geese in flight. I did not set up my camera right away, although the imagery was absolutely magnificent, I just allowed myself to be present in the moment. Taking note of the rustle of the leaves in the trees and the Warblers flitting about in the tree behind me. I wanted to be respectful of nature and the gift of that very moment.

The first day was about the fog, mist and the play of light through it. It was ethereal, moody and stunning. Initially, the mist changed colours as the sky behind it changed colours. Then as the sun came over the horizon you could see the spot of light, faintly at first, then appearing like a spotlight trying to punch a hole of light through the fog and washing the opposite side of the marsh in a warm yellow glow. As the fog lifted, wispy hints remained, travelling over the water and among the reeds changing and moving like sails on a ship.

On the second day I was hoping for that fire mist again, but there was little fog or mist on the water. But, what was there were high clouds, almost overcast clouds but high, which made for a great sky for the sunrise to project it’s light show upon; and it did not disappoint. It was a landscape photographers dream. Colours so vibrant that if an artist had painted it some might say that they used “too much artistic freedom” but here they were playing out in front of me. I did not hear the road noise in the distance, or think about the chores that had to be done. I just stood with my mouth agape in awe.

Photography is about the light, and the light is often awesome in the morning, so I chased it, but I got more than a few nice images. For a moment I communed with nature, and let her wrap her arms around me. Let her turn my head to see and let her deafen me to the noise behind me. Shoot-Print-Share