Tales From The Camera Bag: Mistakes, Mistakes More Mistakes

Tales From The Camera Bag: Mistakes, Mistakes More MistakesIt was a clear cold day with arctic fog as thick as the inside of cloud. The cold temperature bites the skin like needles or shards of glass. But with resolve you will persevere; with camera tucked away in your jacket, you open the car door, set up the tripod and shoot the next pulitzer image. Shot after shot your cards starts to fill and you can hardly stand yourself, you’re a genius, the next Ansel Adams, Ossekeag publishing is desperate to have you on staff. You can hardly contain your excitement as you flop yourself onto your chair in front of the computer.
 It is now that reality broadsides you like a tree trunk on a ski hill. As you look at your first images you think, “well I am getting used to the camera”, or “man that autofocus is off”. The excuses go on until you realize that you have gone photo blind, a condition wherein you are blinded by your own enthusiasm and the images in your minds’ eye is never the same as that on the back of your camera.
 Rather than the high end portrait of your child glowing in the woodlands you imagined what you actually captured is a tree growing out of your child’s head. Dust yourself off, have a good laugh at your expense and realize that this is the course that many before you have followed.
 It’s once been said that it takes 10,000 hours of practice before you get proficient; I suggest that it will take you 10,000 images before you start taking great images. When we make bad images or mistakes it is an opportunity to learn; I remember my wife asking why I took a certain image when we both knew that it was going to be awful.  I replied “ so I can learn from them”. I would severely overexpose an image to see the results and shake the camera during a slow shutter speed. Some of these effects I really enjoy. There are times when I simply do not know how to shoot a particular scene and trod along doing the best I can, learning as I go. Of course more experienced photographs might call these photographic interpretations?
 I remember being on Grand Manan Island in Dark Harbour at sunset; the colours rivaled the hues of spring flowers. I made an image or two as I was “ supposed” to, then I got quirky and moved, panning my camera along the horizon line while taking an image, creating these marvelous streaks of sunset.
 With perfection expected we shy away from mistakes, what a pity.  Shoot-Print -Share.