Self Esteem: Pain-Free Or Free To Be You

If you could live for ten years in total bliss, pain free, but not remember any of it, would you? I’m guessing many of you would answer with a resounding, Yes. Trials, errors and losses are all very painful. But let’s stop and think about this for a moment… immediate gratification is fleeting. It does not teach you anything and it certainly does not help you grow as a person.
True happiness comes from gaining insight and growing into your best self. In this pain-free scenario, you are numbing yourself, blocking yourself from the natural flow of life. This natural flow brings with it empowering insights and lessons that help you grow into who you were meant to be.
I’ve known my fair share of pain; we all have. Pain can be a profound teacher that directs us on the path of transformation. Often our reluctance to accept lessons from pain is influenced by our desire to avoid sorrow, distress, frustration and suffering. Understandably, we prefer almost anything to that kind of pain. Nevertheless, the joy always outweigh the risks. The memories of a lost loved one, success after failure, and learning from our mistakes are all things that bring growth. In turn, bringing us closer to being our truest self.
In today’s society there are many ways to dull the pain. However, the sad thing is by not allowing ourselves to feel pain, we may no longer feel the joy we once knew either. We must realize that both pain and joy are natural responses to life as it is. There are growing pains that come from learning through our mistakes; for to learn from them means we must honestly acknowledge them. Losing a loved one must be the largest heartbreak of all. Trying to move on without them can be debilitating. But our memories carry us through. Life throws a lot at us and yet, we are still here to tell the tale. We are not perfect. We are vulnerable. It hurts to be realistic, or wait when patience is required.
So, if I could live ten years in total bliss-pain-free-but not remember any of it, would I? No. I am willing to remain vulnerable to those painful realities that come with facing the truth about me (imperfect as I am), with learning, growing, loving, and trying to become who I was meant to be. Pain helps me remember that I am only human and I am in contact with life as it is meant to be experienced, thus becoming my deepest motivation to keep on living… in pain and joy.