Self Esteem: Embrace The Darkness; See The Light

Don’t give into the pressure of becoming too positive. I know that must sound strange coming from me. And while I truly believe in the power of positivity, negative emotions must be addressed.
We tend to pretend a lot. We pretend not to notice, or even hide what we truly feel. We want to bury resentment and anger. In today’s society, the pressure to suppress or camouflage negative feelings is real. However, when we accept those negative emotions we can regain and maintain peace of mind.
Acceptance of one’s darkest emotions brings about emotional resilience, and fewer symptoms of depression and anxiety. Acceptance involves not trying to change how we feel, but staying in touch with the feelings and taking them as they are. Doing so leads to positive mental health and higher levels of satisfaction in life.
How could that be? By accepting dark emotions like anxiety and rage, they will no longer have control over you. You are in control. You always have been. We have all, at one point or another, said or did something in a moment of anger that we soon regretted. Accepting all emotions whether you view them as negative or positive makes you happier in the long run.
We tend to fight with ourselves when we feel frustration, anger, resentment and the like. We feel bad for feeling that way. It is natural to feel that way from time to time. Do not fight it. Accept it. Know that feelings are fleeting. Personally, I follow the five year rule… is it something that will still bother me in five years? If so, I’ll discuss it, work it out, and try my best to resolve it. If not, I let it go (no matter how long it takes).
Fortunately, acceptance works for everyone. It is effective whether you are dealing with feelings related to intense life events or minor inconveniences. Habitually accepting all emotions not only reduces feelings of ill-being but also is more likely to lead to elevated levels of well-being.
Emotions occur in the brain. They create reactions in your body that change your physical state (sweating, increased heart rate, panic, etc.) Feelings are mental experiences that arise from the body’s physical state. Feelings are sparked by emotion, yet colored by thoughts, memories and past experiences.  Your feelings are shaped by your own temperament, experiences and varies greatly from person to person and from situation to situation.
You are unique and so is your perception of the world and how you feel about it. Do not fight the darkness. Instead, embrace it and only then will you truly see the light. You are the light!