Self Esteem: Change, Inevitable; Groaning, Optional

Self Esteem: Change, Inevitable; Groaning, OptionalMahatma Gandhi said, Be the change you want to see in the world. I believe he meant that by changing yourself, you can change your perspective of the world. By changing your own thoughts, you have the ability to change how you feel, how you act and how you see things. In doing so, the world around you changes. Not only because you are choosing to see it differently but also because you are allowing  yourself to do things differently than you have in the past.
 Many of us hate change. We view it as ‘bad’. However, change is good. Just think… without change, there would be no butterflies and heaven forbid, coffee would still be a bean! We often moan and groan about the world around us. We may think we’ve changed but complaining only shows that we obviously are still carrying around our negative attitude.
 Change is difficult for many of us to accept. However, part of growing as a person requires us to accept that life is constantly changing. No amount of moaning and groaning will stop it. So, how can we accept change?
 For starters, it helps to embrace our feelings about change. Change can be unsettling. To ignore that fact, makes it impossible to work through and move on. Instead, embrace those unsettling feelings and talk about it with a trusted friend. Understand that change is an inevitable part of life, and change often brings new opportunities.   It is easy to get overwhelmed by change but do not allow it to take over your emotions. As an alternative, you can re-frame the situation: ask yourself why you are so bothered and is what you are feeling realistic. Also, be grateful. When we fill our minds with grateful thoughts, there is little room for much else. Start a gratitude journal or simply recite three things that you are grateful for before bed or first thing when you wake up. Even though change can have a negative effect on your life, in most circumstances, there is always a positive side (if we choose to see it).
 Yes, change is inevitable and rather than groan about it, each of us can try to view it as a challenge and a chance to grow. Change can be a powerful motivator to help us achieve our goals. The fact is we will be made stronger through change.
 If at this point you still doubt the benefits of change, I ask that you remember one thing- Coffee!