Self Esteem: Become Your Own Best Friend

Self Esteem: Become Your Own Best FriendThe longest relationship we will ever have will be with our self, yet we constantly neglect ourselves. As a child, most of us had a best friend. We played tag, we visited each other’s’ houses, we may have even been in the same class. We treated our best friend with love, respect and kindness. Aw, yes, the golden rule….treat others as you want them to treat you. The problem with that though, is that we rarely learn how we are supposed to treat ourselves.
 To become your own best friend means that you trust your own judgment. You rely, support and comfort yourself. Who are you? We often turn to others for answers, however, it is easier to like and respect yourself when you truly understand yourself. Your attitude toward yourself reflects on others and vice versa. You become an even better best friend to another by liking yourself a bit more. Use the good relationships you have with others as a role model for the relationship you should have with yourself.
 Becoming your own best friend means that you enjoy your own company too. Minimize distractions. Embrace change. Challenge yourself. Get used to your own company and appreciate it. Enjoy your alone time. We have conditioned ourselves to enjoy the company of others but it is possible to enjoy our own as well. Take yourself on a date. Go to dinner or a movie. Have a spa day or go to the park. Going by yourself will make you more aware. You may find yourself paying more attention than if someone else was with you. You could possibly enjoy it more.
 Best friends tend to shower us with attention and affection. Each of us have the power to do that for ourselves. Compliment yourself. This will help you to focus on the positive aspects of your day rather than the negative. Would you ever call your best friend names? Or put them down? If you wouldn’t talk to a friend that way, do not talk to yourself that way either. Take times throughout your day to simply be you. Do things that you enjoy. Treat yourself to random acts of kindness.
 How do you treat your best friend? Most likely, you accept them (flaws and all), honor their needs, show them compassion, bestow kindness and the occasional gift. That is indeed what a best friend does. Become your own best friend and you will automatically become a better version of yourself.