Self Esteem: Accept & Embrace

Self Esteem: Accept & EmbraceLife is full of obstacles; ones we must overcome in order to survive. Sometimes, these obstacles are so difficult, we try to deny, ignore or discard them. However, happiness involves accepting and embracing all that comes our way (even if we feel it’s negative).

 Do you find that you often worry? Many of us do, but worrying is created in our minds and it certainly doesn’t offer any value to our lives. Worry is full of what ifs and worse case scenarios. You can worry thirty times over and it will not change the situation. Chronic worriers need to know with 100% certainty what’s going to happen. They seem to see worrying as a way to predict the future, to avoid surprises and be in control. The problem being that doesn’t work. Even though things may not be as we would like or expect them to be, we need to accept and embrace them. We must give up the belief that worrying serves a purpose. It does not!                            

 I’ve read that, “Reality is okay but I wouldn’t wanna live there”. The truth is that in order to be truly happy, we must live there. Sometimes, the reality of a situation saddens, angers and/or frustrates us. We need to confront and accept these feelings. They can show us where it is that we’re holding back; exactly where we are stuck. By staying open and curious, we can learn to accept and embrace reality. Take a moment to clear your thoughts. Be alive in this moment. What do you see? Hear? Taste? Feel? Life is not a problem to be solved but rather a reality to be experienced.  

 Life is change. However, many of us attempt to keep things the same. We fight change. But making changes is imperative for a better life. To change, we must learn new healthier steps, routines and step out of our comfort zone. Yes, we expend a lot of energy to stay comfortable. But staying comfortable is not truly being alive. Life begins at the end of your ‘comfort zone’. By accepting and embracing change, we become liberated and excited to create the lives we want.                           

 So many of us want to be happy, We think happiness includes excitement, joy, euphoria…but these are all temporary feelings. They will not sustain us for the long haul. Happiness begins (and ends) with you.  Accept and embrace all that you are; where you are, how you are, what you are, who you are.

 Accept that worrying serves no purpose. Embrace reality. Be willing to make positive changes. You have the ability to be happy. Each day is brand new. Accept  your amazing self and happiness is sure to embrace you.