Exercise For Health: Results Now

You want results and you want them now! Great that means you are eager but do you have the mindset to make a commitment? I believe slower is better whether it comes to getting in better shape or losing weight. First of all you have got to be willing to give up all the bad habits that got you to where you are at this time. Now there are a million excuses: no time, family first, job etc.
About 50% of people making the decision to start an exercise program quit within 6 months, they don’t give themselves enough time to gain confidence, or can’t commit enough to make it to the gym at least three times per week. Purchasing a gym membership does not make you fit, using your gym membership does. It takes at least three good workouts a week to start feeling a difference in your body. If you have not been exercising on a regular basis and are doing weight resistance you may actually gain weight the first over the first one, two or even three months but your inches should decrease. A pound of muscle takes up less space than a pound of fat, the more muscle you have the more calories your body will burn even at rest.  It takes no more than five pounds weight resistance to tone a muscle. In the beginning regular exercising will be uncomfortable or a little difficult because you have weakened from inactivity, you will not have the cardiovascular capacity to workout intensely in the early days and you may be carrying extra weight that can cause discomfort.
If you are committed to your routine and working hard during your exercise time you should start to feel a difference in your body after two or three weeks. Some exercises may not feel right or you may not be able to do them because of an old injury that does not allow your body to work the way it should.  Ask for advice from an educated employee at your gym of fitness facility, there is usually some way to work the muscle or muscle group so that is does not hurt or cause you further injury. Do not try and rush through your workout, make it count, form is the key to results. Remember to do your stretches it can help prevent or lessen soreness and possibly give you results sooner.

Well Rested: Your Sleep and Mental Health

Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA) is a very common sleep disorder. It is marked by snoring, pauses in breathing, gasping for air and daytime sleepiness. Other factors in OSA include morning headaches, a large neck, being overweight and high blood pressure. Those with untreated OSA are at greater risk of high blood pressure, diabetes, heart attack, stroke and early death.
But people experiencing sleep apnea are not just affected by its physical effects. They also experience mental health problems.
Having poor sleep quality can affect your mood and having a serious health condition itself is enough to cause some to feel depressed. Sleep apnea can interfere with mental health because of the reduced oxygen supply to the brain and frequent arousals from sleep. This alters brain function.
Not getting enough quality rest makes it very difficult to deal with routine daily task and cause anxiety.  People with untreated sleep apnea also tend to feel anxious before bed as they know that they would like to have a restful sleep but will most likely spend the night tossing and turning without knowing the cause.
Even the most supportive spouse can get fed up by being awoken night after night with loud snoring and tossing and turning. This can cause sleeping in separate rooms, resentment and decreased opportunity for intimacy.
Dreams are an opportunity to process emotions and events of the day freeing up your brain to deal with tomorrow. People with sleep apnea are constantly being disturbed out of their dream sleep. When someone does not get the proper amount of undisturbed dream sleep they experience anxiety to difficulty with memory.
Concentration and memory problems are one of the most significant repercussions of sleep apnea. Exhaustion during the day causes trouble focusing on important tasks like work, school, and driving. You may frequently feel agitated or quick-tempered further causing relationship problems and activities of daily living.
If you think you are having mental health issues such as depression or anxiety and you snore or feel you have trouble with your sleep be sure to talk to your doctor or nurse practitioner about having a sleep test.  Your mental health may depend on it.

More Than Fitness: Get The Whole Family Moving

National Health & Fitness Day is coming up on Saturday, June 2 and this is a great time to try something new and encourage the whole family to get moving. While every day is a great day to get active, this fitness day initiative, which was started in 2014, is a way to encourage and bring attention to the need for more physical active for all Canadians. Sadly, we are slowly becoming less and less active and this is not only adults, but our children as well. One of the saddest statistics that I have heard to date is that the current generation of children coming up is the first generation in history that can expect to live a shorter life span than their parents. With the incredible advances we have made in health care and the access we have to so many treatments, it is shocking and sad to hear this trend and the biggest contributing factor to this problem is inactivity.
So – what can you do to change this statistic for your family? By thinking about activities that you can do together and making physical activity and healthy living a part of your lifestyle, your whole family can benefit. Are there activities that you all enjoy doing together? Make a point to schedule them in to your calendar and ensure that you make getting some activity each and every day a priority. Whether it is getting outside and enjoying the natural beauty of our area with hiking or other outdoor activities or whether you are participating in an organized sport or fitness class of some kind, there are so many things that you can take advantage of with options for all ages.

This year, Lifestyles Fitness will be marking National Health & Fitness Day with Free fitness for the whole family! Join us in the Town Square Pavilion for fun-filled fitness classes and kids’ activities from 9:30-11:30am, open to one and all. We will also be opening up our health & wellness centre to the community for anyone who wants to drop by for a free workout. Stop by anytime from 8:30am- 1:00pm for a tour and a chance to make use of our facility at no charge.

There are many organizations offering events and activities to celebrate National Health & Fitness day so be sure to check them out and see what is being offered near you. You can visit the National Health & Fitness Day website at nhfdcan.ca. If you are not already participating in a regular fitness routine, maybe this is a good day for you to start to make it a priority in your life.

Take some time to think about how you can begin to slowly incorporate more movement in to your life each and every day. Not only will it be life changing for you and a sure way to improve your health and well-being, it will be a great way to influence any children in your life, highlighting for them the importance of healthy living and instilling this value in them for years to come!

Tending To My Patch: Spring Lawn Care Tips

Raking will be your first task of spring lawn care! The raking will control thatch and clean up winter debris too. As you survey your lawn in spring, see if there are any matted patches, in which the grass blades are all stuck together. This can be caused by a disease known as snow mold. New grass may have difficulty penetrating these matted patches. But raking should be sufficient to solve this problem.
Just when you should perform any of these spring lawn care tasks will depend upon the climate of your own region. For instance, when you’re pretty sure the snow season is over in your region, begin raking.
Liming: A soil sample will give you the accurate levels of soil fertility and nutrient levels from random representative samples that are taken. It’s easy- do it yourself or have it done by a professional. Want more information on soil sampling? Call 432-1824. The most frequently asked question regarding lawns: presence of moss in my lawn. What should I do? Moss is an indication of acid PH in the affected area, but grass likes a neutral pH. You can solve this problem by liming your soil at the recommended rate provided by soil test. In southern NB liming each year will not hurt.
Overseeding: Is your lawn riddled with bare patches due to dog spots, heavy traffic or neglect? If so, you may need to apply grass seed to fill in those bare patches. This solution is known as overseeding. Rake the area of all dead debris and remove, and then apply seed.
Fertilizing: Depending on newly seeded or established lawns will determine the type and numbers on a chemical/man-made fertilizer. Many fertilizer companies provide a schedule for fertilizing lawns.
Your lawn has survived another NB winter and is looking good: fertilize organically by using compost and mulching mowers. Grass clippings from your mulching mowers are a great source of nutrients for your lawn.
Pests & Bugs: Try using natural insect controls and eco friendly green products for your lawn. Biological Control uses beneficial living organisms to control other pests and insects. Many types of Beneficial Nematodes are available for application through a hose end sprayer. Grubs: They are the larval stage of June Bugs, Japanese Beetles & European Chafer. By applying these living organisms they hunt down and kill the grubs. Application is dependent on temperature. Other types available can be used for weevils and sod webworm. For more information please contact us.
  Weeds: My grass is covered in dandelions-what do I do? Living in rural areas where dandelions are a part of our landscape makes it a very tedious job to keep up. Using a selective herbicide or manually removal is about the only course of action. A great alternative to use is Acidic Acid/Horticultural Vinegar 20% for unwanted weeds and grass in walkways and unwanted areas. Ask for details.
These are a few recommendations that may help you achieve the perfect lawn. Enjoy.

Director’s Notes: Notes From Imperial

Hello Spring. Hello budding trees and sunny skies. We have missed you. We could have done without the terrible flooding (thoughts go out from the Imperial team to everyone that was affected) but we’re still glad that you are here.
For us at Imperial spring brings with it more than the welcome flowers and warmer weather, it also signals that it is time to put all of our next Season plans into place as we prepare for our annual Launch in June. This particular Season Launch is rather special though. Why so special you ask?
Reason #1 – It is our new Executive Director’s first Season Launch. Angela has worked over the last year researching and curating acts to track down the most dynamic, diverse and fun artists that she could find to create a full list of shows to please any taste. And while this may sound like its fun (which it is) it is also hard work. Angela may make it look easy but it is not.
Reason #2 – This isn’t just any Season Launch this is the Season Launch of our 25th Season as the restored Imperial Theatre. Now, many of you may not recall the Bi-Capital Project, which brought an entire city together for a common cause (Imperial Theatre) but… it was a thing of beauty. Every neighbourhood, every school, every person was involved and it seemed to signify what Saint John could do when it really put it’s mind to it. The Project started in 1986 and took twelve years to complete and while it was a tough, long and I’m sure, sometimes pretty lonely road for those at the centre of it, they stayed committed their goal of giving our city a quality, professional, beautiful building and came out victorious for it’s relaunch on May 24th, 1994.
As we kick-off this 25th Season on June 5th we’ll be filling the city in on the fabulous shows that we have planned for you and while this is fun and exciting, the truly very best thing about this Launch is the reminder it gives us of just how we got here. We got here because the people of Saint John and Surrounding Areas gave of themselves. They gave their time, their money and their hearts and while it may sound corny, Imperial would not be here today without every single one of you. You made this happen. You gave life back to this historical building and helped welcome artists from across the world to its stage. You made it possible for thousands of local school children to see live, professional theatre in their hometown. You did this. Thank you so very much! B. xo

Self Esteem: Friends – Grow or Go

Plato once stated, “People are like dirt. They can either nourish you and help you grow as a person, or they can stunt your growth and make you wilt and die”.
In your everyday life you are surrounded by a variety of people. Having friends certainly boosts your health, but choosing people who make you feel more positive increases the benefits. Are your friends negative? Do they complain most of the time? Do your friends talk only about themselves? Be very particular about who you spend your time with. Surround yourself with more loving, positive, supportive people… the kind that make you feel good.
People who are negative, demanding or just plain mean are toxic. They are not only toxic to your physical health but your mental health and to your soul. These types of people suck the life right out of you, making you feel tired and drained. Your well-being can easily be influenced by those around you and your moods and feelings become contagious. While it can be comforting to vent with others in similar life situations, you must refrain from complaining and projecting negativity all the time. It is not healthy.
You are allowed to eliminate toxic people from your circle of friends and fill your circle with more positive people. And as you do so, you will notice your quality of life improve and your pain decrease. You will begin making better decisions. Surround yourself with positive people as much as you can. Be a positive, supportive person. Positive attracts positive.
Think more deeply about the people you interact with. Work toward filling your life with others that cultivate healthy and positive relationships. It may not always be possible but in your personal life, you can take control over the people with whom to surround yourself. Stop relationships or lessen contact when you realize someone is toxic for you. It really is not as difficult to do as we make it out to be. Take a few moments to reflect on how certain people make you feel. Do they add something constructive to, or subtract from, your life? If a friend zaps your strength, you can simply decide to tell them how you feel or distance yourself from them. The moment you are more candid about your own feelings, you become empowered.
Choose your friends with care – they create the environment in which you will either thrive or wilt. Give everyone an opportunity to be your friend, but only share your hopes and dreams with those who value them as much as you do.

The Crayon Box: Grassroots

Continued from last issue…

One of the main priorities of the Green Party is to improve democracy. When asked about whether they believe, as some New Brunswickers do, that politicians frequently go back on their word, all three agreed. Ms. McAllister thought that politicians should be more careful when making promises and, if they can’t keep one, come clean and explain what happened. Promises, she notes, are easy to make but harder to put into practice. She also advocated for more town halls, which increase voter engagement and transparency. Mr. Sabine said that we need a system to hold politicians accountable, as he does not feel like an adequate system exists. They also were well aware of a question they’ve said has been on many people’s minds, “why Green?” They argue that the Green Party would be different than the others. Ms. McAllister points to the Green Party principles and platform, which are well-developed and informative. She claims that the party and especially David Coon, are in touch with not only the people, but with their other party members in a way no other party is. All candidates brought attention to the party policy of not having whipped votes, where party members are required to vote with the party. Ms. Merritt-Gray said that if her constituents disagreed with what the party was proposing, she wouldn’t vote with her party, which is how she thinks democracy should work. Mr. Sabine says that he’s in it to make a change, not for the money. He’s even pledged, if elected, to give half of any money he would receive to not-for-profit charities. He says, “You know when you vote Liberal and Conservative, [you know] what you’re getting… if you vote Green and it’s the same thing, what are you out?” Finally, all three candidates made clear that they thought the politicians from the other parties were good people with good intentions, but since, according to them, other parties make their politicians vote with the party, they claim those politicians are limited in how much they can actually help.

Both Ann McAllister and John Sabine thought they’d be blue crayons. To Mr. Sabine, blue represents a medium colour, one that doesn’t stand out, but one he finds relaxing, especially in the blue skies and water. He often wears blue and has had several blue cars. To Ms. McAllister, blue stands for harmony, collaboration, and being a team player. Marilyn Merritt-Gray chose a green crayon, saying that it’s the colour of the natural world, of spring, and of the land.

Their advice: vote. In Mr. Sabine’s riding, 41% of people didn’t vote in the last provincial election. That means that only about half the population is actually being represented. As the title (which is an ABBA reference) suggests, the Green party wants voters to take a leap of faith and try something new. They want you to take a chance on Green.

Tales From The Camera Bag: Non Photography Gear You Need

As many of you might know my wife is a Paramedic and she loves and is very proud of her profession, She likes to educate and volunteer to teach others the skills of those in the paramedic field. The other weekend she volunteered to work the Amazeatorium and she had help from Andy the Ambulance, Andy is a big ambulance that has blinking eyes, can scoot about and talk with children as Andy is on their eye level. But this guy is big and when she voluntold me that we were picking Andy up it meant that I had to clean out my truck and that is what inspired this article.
Now, at my age I am about as graceful as a hog on ice so having a spare change of clothes is a must, not only because I am clumsy and fall down but at other times I just want to see what’s on the other side of the stream. For those times it is helpful to have a third leg or even a forth so I stow trekking poles as well. My favorite thing to shoot is the seashore so I carry both knee high boots (one insulated pair for winter and one not) also a pair of hip waders and why is it that the waders are never high enough, every time I put them on to take shot of a stream or waterfalls a little trickle of water sneaks over the top? Also, in the clothing department I carry a “Buff”. A tube like headwear that is used as a neck warmer, skull cap, face mask, beret. I have also used it to clean, wipe and signal.
Food, I have some dehydrated food, all you do is add is boiling water and let it stand. Which means I also need water, fuel, burner pots… But I don’t always carry that often, most often I just carry energy bars and water.
My family says I have a thing for small multi purpose knives and flashlights. I carry both a small hand light and a head lamp (or two) in my camera bag and a swiss army knife in my pocket. Flash lights are so handy when searching in your camera bag at night or pointing a light beam out into the night to service as a focal point. My knife has been used to cut bread and cheese, uncork a bottle or two and cut paracord to tie down my tripod.  I’ve not been nervy enough to strike out to far out in the unknown but if I did I would bring a local topical graphical map and a “Spot Beacon” for emergency rescue or a satellite phone.  Again, my family constantly tell me “ Leave a note as to where I might be going” so they know where to send the rescue party. Sheesh, but it is the Smart thing to do. Shoot-Print-Share.

Ask Mary: Feeling Guilty and Confused

I loved my late husband very much, but lately I’ve been thinking of dating again. I feel guilty and confused – what should I do?
Many people mistakenly believe that if we truly loved someone, then we will always grieve and never want to date again.  While this may be true for some, it is not true for everyone.
Life goes on they say, but how can it, how dare it without our loved one? To fully heal our hearts, we must give ourselves permission to be happy. Eventually, as our heart heals, we will still miss them, but the dominant feeling becomes the warmth of our memories.  More tragic than any death is to be half alive, as if our life ended with theirs.
When you’re hurting write out your feelings. Write out your wants, needs and wishes.
One way to work through your guilt above these feelings is to write a letter to yourself as if it were from your late husband. Put into words the support and understanding that he would give to you. Write another letter stating what you’re thankful for, and what you plan to do in the near future.  With these insights you can get in touch with your feelings.
We often become unbalanced by nurturing others before ourselves.  We are brought up with the idea that it is better to give than to receive and we forget to pay attention to our feelings, to be creative and to take time for ourselves.  We need to build up our self-esteem because we are important.
If in your past relationship you were the “giver” then you were usually responsible for everyone’s happiness. Before dating again, you need to become balanced in your giving and in receiving so you can receive as well as give.
Learn in time to grow through loneliness to the stage of “aloneness”, where you are comfortable being by yourself.  You choose to be home alone or to go out, but you don’t choose based on being lonely. Instead it’s based on what you want to do. When the time is right, you may choose to date, rather than needing to date to overcome loneliness.
We are 100% responsible for our reactions to the things people say and do. This is crucial, because if not, then you could settle for less than you deserve.  Loving again can fill us with joy, pierce our loneliness and bring us true happiness, but only if we choose wisely.
For more on dating and remarriage check out my “Dating Guide for Widows” on my website thesisterhoodofwidows.com, along with blog postings I’ve written on this subject.

Dollars & Sense: Planning For The Unexpected

I am sure the last thing you want to think about this month is planning for the unexpected. We cannot guess what will happen, that is why it is unexpected. But, we can look at ways to prepare as best we can so that in the middle of a crises you can find the things you need.
Ask yourself, if you had to suddenly leave your home what would you want to take with you? What would you need to take with you? And what is realistic for you to take with you?
We recommend having a household binder or folder that contains the personal and financial information for your household. This binder would contain copies, originals and contacts. The binder would be safely located in an area where you could grab it easily and quickly. In this binder you would have the following information.
Personal information, such as: birth/marriage/divorce certificates, copies of passports and driver’s licenses, list of family members and contacts, sentimental pictures, school transcripts, degrees/diplomas.
Health information, such as: list of medications, doctors and specialists, vaccinations, history of surgeries.
Financial information, such as: credit card statements, mortgage documents, account information and bank contact numbers, investment certificates and statements.
Copies of insurance policies, such as: home, car, life, credit, pet. Pet information, such as: immunizations, veterinarians, health concerns.
It is always best to have a bit of cash available as well, because you never know when your debit card may not work.
I am sure for some people, their emergency binder will be as big as a tote bin for them to grab, while others, it may be quite compact. The key is to have something so that if needed, you could sit and make contact or track down what is needed. You will be thankful that you did.
For other tips, visit our web site at solveyourdebts.com.