Food For Thought: Smoothie 101

Smoothies can be a nutritious and convenient snack or even a meal! They’re great to enjoy as temperatures warm up or as a quick breakfast on the run. Just a few basic ingredients blended together will make a delicious smoothie.

To build a better smoothie, start with fresh or frozen fruit. Add at least one of your favorites, such as berries, peaches or mangoes. Next, choose a liquid such as milk, fortified plant-beverages (soy, almond or coconut), or water. Experiment with different types of liquid to see which is your favorite. Add protein to your smoothie with a scoop of Greek yogurt, peanut butter or nut butter. Add even more nutrition by adding a green leafy vegetable such as baby kale or spinach. Or try a scoop of ground flax, chia or hemp seeds for a boost in fibre. For a tropical spin, try adding ¼ of an avocado to make your smoothie extra creamy. Blend until smooth and enjoy!

Sometimes we blend our ingredients together and we may not get the exact taste or consistency we are looking for. Some simple changes can help you get the perfect flavour and texture. If your smoothie is too sweet, add a squeeze of lemon or lime juice, unsweetened applesauce, ice or water. If your smoothie has a bitter taste add a ripe banana, honey or a splash of vanilla.

Is your smoothie too thick to drink? Add some more water, milk or fortified plant based beverage.

Is your smoothie too thin? Try adding, ice, yogurt, unsweetened apple sauce, ground flax or chia seeds, peanut butter or other nut butter, silken tofu, fresh or frozen berries, banana, or pineapple chunks.

If you’re looking for a new way to enjoy your smoothie, try turning it into a smoothie bowl and eat it with a spoon! Pour your favourite smoothie into a bowl instead of a glass and add some tasty toppings. Some suggestions are nuts and seeds, hemp hearts or chia seeds, shredded coconut or a sprinkle of granola. Add even more colour by adding berries or banana and kiwi slices. Get creative with the design of your toppings and you have a breakfast that looks as good as it tastes!

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