More Than Fitness: Summer Fitness

We are quickly coming upon the summer break for students and by this point in the year, most parents and kids are anxiously awaiting this break!  It is a time to relax and enjoy the summer weather and a more relaxed schedule. However, it can also be a time that children are less active.  If your kids are not involved in organized sports, looking for ways to keep them active can be difficult. Trying to juggle childcare and busy work schedules over the summer can leave little time to think about physical activity but it is so important for our children. With the increasing popularity of video games and other electronic forms of entertainment, recent reports show that only one in eight Canadian children gets enough physical activity on a regular basis – a shocking and sad statistic.

Here are a few tips to help keep your children active throughout the summer months. Don’t rely only on organized sports to keep your kids active. While it can be a great way to get in some of your physical activity, it is also important to find activities that keep play fun. Find things to do that are outside structured practices and games such as a day of swimming or running in the park. Find time to take little mini adventures with your kids and explore somewhere new.

Turning off the TV is another way to ensure that your kids are more active.  It has become such a part of our society that we do not even realize how much time we lose sitting in front of our favorite TV shows.  By setting up a set time that your child can watch TV each day, they will begin to look for other ways to entertain themselves. Sending them outside to enjoy some fresh air can lead to all kinds of adventures that use the imagination and get the body moving.

Another great way to get your kids active and also enjoy some quality time with the is to get out and try some new activities together. With the longer days and less need for schedules and routine in the summer, it is easier to take some time after work for a little fun and adventure. Hop on your bikes and hit the trails, drive to a park and throw the Frisbee or find another way to get outside even for just a half hour and enjoy some family time together.

Summer can be a time of great adventure for all ages so get out and enjoy all our area has to offer while getting physically active with your kids – you will all reap the rewards!