Family Matters: Benefits Of Growing A Family Garden

Family Matters: Benefits Of Growing A Family GardenGardening offers family fun. In a garden, your family can be active, relax, and spend time together. Growing vegetables or herbs teaches children that plants, like people, need food and water to grow and stay healthy. A garden can teach your child about new foods and the importance of eating a variety of colors. Caring for plants helps develop responsibility and self-esteem because kids see what they can grow. Gardening also requires the use of all senses since kids usually taste what they grow!

Here are 7 more benefits:

 1. Children can learn about how food is produced – taking them outside what they see in the grocery store. They’ll have the chance to see that food isn’t just “born” at the store and that there are many steps involved in getting food to their plates.

 2. Your kiddos can gain an appreciation for nature and the importance of insects like bees. Family time in the garden means contact with nature and the environment. A garden is a fantastic way to teach about connectedness, ecosystems and the importance of diversity.

 3. A garden helps children to have pride in their work. Children are always more pleased when they can pick produce off a plant that they helped to plant.  

 4. Depending on your kids ages, they could be responsible for making sure the garden is watered. They can take out weeds and pick what is ripe, allowing them to see that caring for a garden involves all kinds of different tasks – not just eating!

 5. Gardens help teach generosity. Sometimes you just have too much of a certain type of produce. Let your kids learn the benefits of giving by giving away excess produce to friends, family, and neighbors.

 6. Gardens provide opportunities for learning life skills like cooking. Your children can learn how to prepare meals that they might not normally make and understand that cooking includes much more such as meal preparation and cleaning up.

 7. Starting plants from seeds is a wonderful science lesson. Imagine your children’s delight when they look outside to see the tall tomato plant with a bounty of red fruit on it, and to know that they helped it grow from a tiny seed.

 This week take time to build a garden, plant the seeds that will allow your family to grow together and enjoy the parenting journey.