Exercise For Health: How To Start Your Exercise Routine Again

Whether you have been away from exercising for just the holidays or weeks maybe even months it’s never too late to start again. Your body needs to move and you want it to work better and look better; there is nothing like feeling good, strong and energized! Remember how good it feels to be stronger, have more energy or that feeling of accomplishment when you have finished your workout?
Start easy, the level of strength you had when you gave up your exercise routine was likely a lot higher than what your present level is. Sometimes our minds think we can just pick up where we left off and the end result is pain and soreness which will only lead to discouragement and frustration. When you begin your first workout just go through the motions and re familiarize yourself with the proper form and range of motion to be used before you concentrate on the intensity. Take it easy for a couple of days then pick up the pace and set yourself some workout goals for the days ahead. Keep a log so you can see how fast you are progressing and what areas need a little extra work. Make a commitment, schedule what days you will go to the gym, what days you will walk or do an alternate activity. Make it easy for yourself some people prefer to start their day with exercise while others prefer to do it last thing in the day before going home. Keep everything you need for the gym in your car or with your work supplies, the easier the process the more likely you will be to succeed. Tell yourself you are going to do it for one month no matter what, by that time the habit should be part of your daily routine and easily continued. Most activities become comfortable after you’ve done them for a while, you have to be faithful to the commitment and consistent to see results.
Find a person who shares your interest and make them your workout buddy. You may find someone at your workout facility or ask a friend maybe they have been wanting someone to go with and were afraid to ask.
Let’s get started: a new year a new you! Whether you have exercised before, or you are discovering it for the first time, you will love taking time for you.  Remember, the only reason you should be exercising and improving your health is for you.