Exercise For Health: No Pain No Gain?

It is a common misconception that for you to know your workout has been done well enough a person should be very sore or hurting the next day. Having soreness is a normal part of strengthening your muscles, but it should not be painful. If you are experiencing pain 24 to 48 hours after your workout it most likely was done incorrectly or too intensely. If you feel pain during your workout stop what you are doing and correct your form if that does not remedy the pain stop completely. You should feel some strain if you are performing a new exercise, have increased the amount of weight being used or have increased intensity, push yourself to get results from your workout but listen to your body.

“Feel the burn” refers to the sensation you get as your muscles reach fatigue during your exercise this is how your muscle lets you know that they have had enough. Feeling the burn is a good thing it simply means you have pushed your muscles to their maximum and that is where they should be if you wish to improve strength or achieve improved definition.

The way you build muscle is to exert enough force to make tiny tears in the muscle tissue which can leave you feeling sore as they repair themselves but not to the extent that you cannot function normally while doing your daily activities.

The other side of the story is exercising if you are “in” pain. To recovery from some injuries or surgeries you will need to work through the pain in order for things to heal properly. Many injuries and surgeries require strained muscles to be used rather than sitting or lying down waiting for things to heal or feel better. Some movement is better than none, unused muscles tend to shorten up and your joints can feel very stiff if not used for extended periods of time. Gentle exercise and stretching can actually help alleviate some pain helping muscles heal a little faster. Start slowly, follow your doctor’s advice and stick with it, exercises are more effective if they are done consistently with the fullest range of motion that is recommended.

Pain does not always have an obvious reason, illness, inflammation even arthritis can cause muscle pain.  Exercise wisely if at any time you question the reason for pain or soreness do not hesitate to consult your doctor, good health should be of the utmost importance.