Exercise For Health: No More Excuses

There are numerous excuses used on a daily basis for not exercising. Here are some:

I need motivation: well the benefits to working out are endless and it would take a lot more than this little column to list them but some would include: improved health, quality of life, strengthened immunity, more strength, better range of motion, less pain, improved stamina, clearer thinking, stress relief, really the list is endless. Set a goal, but keep it small and obtainable. When you reach your set goal set another one, slow steady progress is the most successful and easily maintained.
I have no time, ok you can have this one if: you don’t use a cell phone, never watch television, read books, go for coffee, or do nothing for your own well-being. A half hour of daily activity is all that is required for optimum health, but that doesn’t mean you do the same activity every day, change it up.
I don’t like to work out alone: so join a gym, go to a class, chances are once you join you will meet someone you have things in common with and the social part of being active can also be very therapeutic, making you feel better about yourself. Most people who exercise are very accepting and supportive of other people trying to be healthier or more active, remember a fit person exercising at the gym got that way by consistently working out.
I am too old:  nonsense! There are many different ways to improve your strength and range of motion. Your local gym should be able to show you low impact or simple ways to get started. Exercising from a chair is a very popular and safe way to workout for the elderly. Inquire, you may be surprised by what you are capable of.
Too boring: You need variety, this is not a bad thing, it will also stimulate your brain. Make yourself a plan, try different activities each day. Again, you only need 30 minutes a day for optimum health. Cardio, weight training, stretching, Gym, dance, swim, walk or yoga, try it all to find out what works for you.
People will stare at me: Most people who are at the gym are there for the same reason, many of them have been exercising for years and in the beginning started out in the same place you find yourself. Going to the gym is not all about appearance but about improving and maintaining your health.
Give it a try.