Exercise For Health: Goodbye Winter Hello Spring

Here we are once again finishing off the month of March, looking forward to the warm days of spring. For most people the longer days and warmer temperatures give them more energy and an urge to do some physical activity. You need to find a way to make this a permanent habit so you can enjoy life so much more as you age, do you really want to leave your good health to luck? When it comes to muscles, you need to use them to not lose them. Resistance training keeps your muscles strong to provide you with greater stability to help prevent falls or injuring yourself if you do fall. The reason many people have such a hard time recovering from a broken hip or leg in senior years is due to lack of muscle. Strong muscles provide joint support and are critical to healing most back problems.

Your daily routine already has many habits that you do automatically, eating, brushing your teeth, bathing, morning coffee, getting the mail, walking the dog, laundry and we even have bad habits we do every day, too much television or grabbing a bite because you’re bored. There is no reason why you cannot give a half hour everyday just for exercising and looking after you. How good it feels to have a good workout and reap the rewards; stress reduced, clearer mind, more positive outlook, strong lean muscles, and a well oxygenated body. Did you know that exercising can relieve pain within a couple of good workouts? Sometimes our pain is due to lack of movement; get up and go.

Preparing your muscles for the spring activities could save you from getting a repetitive stress injury. The joy of spending a day in April or May raking, cleaning the yard and prepping your gardens then spending the next day or two recovering from your sore muscles and aching bones is avoidable. Consistently working your muscles gives you the strength and stamina to easily recover from a day of rigorous activities.

Strong muscles are needed through every stage of your life but cardio is important also. Your whole body, including your muscles need a good supply of oxygen. A strong heart (which is a muscle) and clean maximized lungs aid in the strength and stamina you need to easily be active.

The human body is normally strong and healthy in the beginning, I cannot stress enough that we need to learn to keep it that way.