Exercise For Health: 150 Years Exercise Then And Now

Exercise For Health: 150 Years Exercise Then And Now150 years has been well celebrated in Canada this year so I thought we should visit physical activity and healthy living then and now.
 The average lifespan for a person 150 years ago which would be in 1867 was 37-40 years. Many factors played into this short lifespan, lack of nutrition and personal hygiene were probably two of the biggest factors, storage and preservation of food probably played into poor health also. Medicines were very scarce while the doctor quite often lived miles away if there was one near at all people relied on treatments they made themselves.
 Exercise was not something any one had to fit into their lives. Daily survival meant physical activity from dawn to dusk. Most food was harvested prepared and eaten in the same day and everything was done by hand. Colder winter months meant a limited variety of what was available and meat was often the most plentiful.
 Now move to our present day in 2017 the average person lives for 80 – 84 years and many live well into their 90’s or even to 100 years. Now you may say we live twice as long and we do but with processed and chemically preserved foods and bad eating habits with a lack of physical activity our longevity has become plagued with obesity, disease and pain. We eat on the run and take little time to cook from scratch. Many take vitamins to make up for what they think is missing from their diet. Hygiene is over the top, we are so clean and sanitized that our bodies have become weak when we are faced with some germs our immune system has nothing to fight with.
 It is difficult for many people to fit enough exercise into their daily schedule most work long hours and have a family to look after. Easy convenient living has deprived us of what our bodies require for healthy longevity. Many hours are spent sitting and our leisure time is quite often sedentary in front of a computer screen, TV or cell phone.
 Medical care has had many advancements; hips and knees can be replaced and even then exercise is key for ease of movement and strength. “If you don’t use it you lose it” is completely true when it comes to joint health.
 The health benefits that daily exercise and healthy eating can provide are endless and can help to sustain us physically, mentally and socially.