Exercise For Health: Stop Exercising

Stop exercising? Well my first question would be why? Some people get bored or think they will walk or they’re too old etc, excuses are just that excuses. Choosing to not do weight bearing exercises will result in you losing strength and stamina. Going for a good brisk walk is a wonderful form of exercising but it will not give the endless health benefits that good strong muscles will give you. Muscle work even when you are not, they support bones, balance and burn calories even when your body is at rest. Strong muscles can relieve pain and help your body perform daily activities with ease.
You will be surprised how quickly muscles can lose their strength, when you stop exercising your muscles will begin to weaken probably within two weeks. Muscles will realize that they will not be called upon so they will no longer store glycogen and will become smaller. Taking the summer off really has no benefits for your body, taking a few days off can recharge you taking a couple months off means you have to start all over again. Sometimes when you get out of the habit of doing something it is lost and the commitment you once had is gone. It takes twenty one days to make or break a habit.
Enjoy your summer and participate in the things that are only available to us during the few warm weeks that we have. I would recommend that you keep up with your weight training it only takes three days a week for one half hour to maintain what you have built up. Do you really want to start over again in the fall?
Put your own health high on the list of priorities that you’ve made for yourself. Physical activity is the best prescription and you get to write it yourself. Some studies have shown that yoyo exercising can cause you to gain weight and keep it on. The sudden exertion you use when working out strenuously for a short time causes your body to actually burn less calories, similar to starvation mode when you do not eat enough. Once you get to a place where you are happy with the results you have achieved it does not take a lot to maintain what you have. Keep the habit going challenge yourself once in a while Moderate exercising frequently is more successful in keeping a person healthy and the easiest way to maintain good numbers on the scales.