Exercise For Health: Results Now

You want results and you want them now! Great that means you are eager but do you have the mindset to make a commitment? I believe slower is better whether it comes to getting in better shape or losing weight. First of all you have got to be willing to give up all the bad habits that got you to where you are at this time. Now there are a million excuses: no time, family first, job etc.
About 50% of people making the decision to start an exercise program quit within 6 months, they don’t give themselves enough time to gain confidence, or can’t commit enough to make it to the gym at least three times per week. Purchasing a gym membership does not make you fit, using your gym membership does. It takes at least three good workouts a week to start feeling a difference in your body. If you have not been exercising on a regular basis and are doing weight resistance you may actually gain weight the first over the first one, two or even three months but your inches should decrease. A pound of muscle takes up less space than a pound of fat, the more muscle you have the more calories your body will burn even at rest.  It takes no more than five pounds weight resistance to tone a muscle. In the beginning regular exercising will be uncomfortable or a little difficult because you have weakened from inactivity, you will not have the cardiovascular capacity to workout intensely in the early days and you may be carrying extra weight that can cause discomfort.
If you are committed to your routine and working hard during your exercise time you should start to feel a difference in your body after two or three weeks. Some exercises may not feel right or you may not be able to do them because of an old injury that does not allow your body to work the way it should.  Ask for advice from an educated employee at your gym of fitness facility, there is usually some way to work the muscle or muscle group so that is does not hurt or cause you further injury. Do not try and rush through your workout, make it count, form is the key to results. Remember to do your stretches it can help prevent or lessen soreness and possibly give you results sooner.