Dollars & Sense: What The Winter We Are Having!

There is currently a lot on our plate when it comes to our finances. Interest rates have risen, our economy lost jobs, the markets are fluctuating and more than a few of us received a startling reminder on how cold winter can get with our heating bills.
It is an impossibility to know and anticipate every influence and factor. Being on top of our finances goes beyond knowing our money in and our money out. No one has a crystal ball to see if their money will go up or down, but everyone can ask questions and keep aware of what is influencing your finances.
While I can’t tell you, what will happen in the next six months regarding your finances, there are things you can do.
First, assess your financial health. There are a variety of ways to do so, you can use online tools and quizzes; or you can sit down with pencil and paper. There are two parts to your financial health, the numbers and how you feel about them. Never underestimate how your feelings can affect your finances.
Second, determine what areas need immediate attention and what areas need monitoring. If you recently renewed your mortgage term, you are in a different situation than someone who will be renewing this upcoming year.
Third, what areas do you need to learn more about? Could it be your investments or your options to pay down your mortgage?
Financial literacy is about increasing your knowledge and skills. It is not only about being a great budgeter. Going forward this year, there will be a lot of influences on our money and the more aware we are of the influences, the better we will handle the financial situations that will arise. Being able to ask informed questions and look at our finances from different angles will help. Putting an action plan together to increase your financial health, even better.
You will find calculators and quizzes at to help you get started.