Dollars & Sense: Planning For The Unexpected

I am sure the last thing you want to think about this month is planning for the unexpected. We cannot guess what will happen, that is why it is unexpected. But, we can look at ways to prepare as best we can so that in the middle of a crises you can find the things you need.
Ask yourself, if you had to suddenly leave your home what would you want to take with you? What would you need to take with you? And what is realistic for you to take with you?
We recommend having a household binder or folder that contains the personal and financial information for your household. This binder would contain copies, originals and contacts. The binder would be safely located in an area where you could grab it easily and quickly. In this binder you would have the following information.
Personal information, such as: birth/marriage/divorce certificates, copies of passports and driver’s licenses, list of family members and contacts, sentimental pictures, school transcripts, degrees/diplomas.
Health information, such as: list of medications, doctors and specialists, vaccinations, history of surgeries.
Financial information, such as: credit card statements, mortgage documents, account information and bank contact numbers, investment certificates and statements.
Copies of insurance policies, such as: home, car, life, credit, pet. Pet information, such as: immunizations, veterinarians, health concerns.
It is always best to have a bit of cash available as well, because you never know when your debit card may not work.
I am sure for some people, their emergency binder will be as big as a tote bin for them to grab, while others, it may be quite compact. The key is to have something so that if needed, you could sit and make contact or track down what is needed. You will be thankful that you did.
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