Director’s Notes: Start Of Summer Edition

Imperial Theatre has officially launched Season 25! Subscriptions are open to buy from now until July 4. To buy one of these dandy Subscriptions you just call Box Office directly at 674-4100. They are open Monday-Friday, 10:00am-5:00pm and four hours before shows.
Why buy a Subscription you ask? I am pleased you asked: subscribers get cheaper tickets; they get first crack at the best seats. they get to include one or two SNB, SJTC or Nutcracker tickets in their buy; they get an annual Season Launch Invitation; they get notified about new shows; six-pack subs get advance access to new shows and specials; six-Pack Subs get surprise promos and freebies all season.
I don’t usually like to be so forward about selling tickets but I am so excited about this season I cannot help myself. We have got so many cool shows and so much great music.
We’ve got ballet and street dance, magic and a Master of the Impossible. We’ve got Burlesque and Jazz, Golden Girls (in puppet form), Cathy Jones and an International Man of Misery (Jeremy Hotz). We’ve got Steven Page and Tomato Tomato and huge country star Brett Kissel. That’s not even all! We have more Christmas that anyone could shake a stick at. We even have Zombies (Evil Dead The Musical) and God (comedy show God is a Scottish Drag Queen). And that doesn’t even include all the other great music and theatre!
Finding three to six shows that you want to see and becoming a Subscriber is easier than it has ever been. And if you are just not up for ticket commitment single tickets go on sale July 5, except – Evil Dead The Musical and Brett Kissel are on sale now!
With that said let’s get down to summer plans. We are planning installation of a new marquee. That’s the thingie on the front of building that shows what event is in the theatre. We are still sporting the one that was installed twenty-five years ago when we went through our restoration. A new marquee means that we won’t have to send a staff member up a ladder in blizzards and rainstorms to update it; we’ll have the ability to program from the inside. This may not seem like a huge deal to you but it certainly is to Adam (our current marquee changer). We’re all pretty happy for Adam. Besides a new marquee we’ll be putting final touches on next season, which starts in September and hopefully enjoying some nice summer weather. Cheers to warm days and cold drinks, B. @ Imperial.