Director’s Notes: Notes From The Imperial

Director's Notes: Notes From The ImperialPeople ask me all the time “What’s coming up at Imperial?” and even though, all day every day all we do is think about and talk about next Season’s shows, I consistently come up completely blank. Seriously, my mind goes blank. I cannot think of a single show.
 Immediately running through my mind is “what sort of show does ‘enter name here’ like? How can I grab their attention and get them as excited about the Season as me? What will draw them in? These are my friends. This is how I think: “how to sell them tickets?”. Shameful. I would be embarrassed if I didn’t feel to strongly about the importance of getting people into the theatre.
 Anyway, my point is that I always want to give the very best answer. I want to tell them something that will get them excited. So excited that they go online or pick up the phone and buy some tickets. So excited that they tell a few friends about the great show that they saw or about how they took a chance on a new band or a small dance company they’d never heard of.
 So, my dilemma is how best to answer this question – in short form. No one wants a multi-sentenced response of the type that I am best equipped to deliver. No one wants to know just how important their support is for the community as a whole to have a vibrant arts scene; or that every time they come to the theatre they are helping to keep a historic building standing for generations to come. This stuff, while true and appreciated by most people is not what they’re asking. They’re asking me to tell them what’s fun; what’s cool or what’s perfect for the kids or their mom and dad.
 But how am I to know what’s fun or cool from their perspective? For one person an evening of old-time celtic tunes from the Barra MacNeils’ is the cat’s pajamas while the next person wants to hear some old-school rock courtesy of the boys from Classic Albums Live. Some would cringe at a Heather Rankin show (though I think that is ridiculous) but cannot wait to see Lemon Bucket Orkestra back on our stage.
 Ahhh! Ok, so there is no right answer. I think I might be getting it now…
 My new answer next time I am asked “What’s happening at Imperial?” will be:
Loads of stuff! Something for everyone and if you check out the Season 24 Brochure that was delivered to your door after Labour Day (it’s the one with the gorgeous Bollywood dancer on the cover) you’ll find something you like. Or, if you’re super busy and missed the Brochure in the mail go to our site ( and click on the Sign up for our Newsletter box on the main page. Then you just sit back and wait for me to send you all of the info you need so you’ll never miss a good show again. Easy. I love solving problems.