Director’s Notes: Notes From The Imperial – January 2018

Hello there January. You may be cold and icy but I like the way you have longer days and you seem to pass by pretty quickly. I like an underdog story and you are surely the underdog of the northern hemisphere when it comes to months. You follow the most popular gal at the party and are followed by the guy that just got a new national holiday. You get the grumpy when the big credit card bills (not your fault) arrive and, credit for the start of winter, when in actual fact it’s number 12 that kicks off the cold weather (Dec 21, duh).  Everyone seems to get a cold or flu during you but you and I know that they are only falling ill because they overdid it in December. But who gets, the flak? January, of course. Ol’ January, you cannot catch a break and I want you to know that I feel your pain.
I feel your pain and so does Imperial. We’re sorry that artists don’t like to travel as often during you and that, for the most part, people are a little slow to get back to nights out after overbearing December. We have done our best this year to be sure that we have not left you completely alone and hope that we can help to light up some of your January evenings.
We have invited some really cool dancers from Toronto to help (Toronto Dance Theatre: House Mix on Friday, January 23) and we’re stoked to have the Banff Mountain Film Festival World Tour on Friday, January 25. And to cap off your lovely month we are very excited to be presenting the wonderful Susan Aglukark and her presentation of songs and stories called Nomad. That show is a Canada 150 performance and takes place at the Imperial on Friday, January 26 at 7:30pm.
So, lighten up ol’ Jan and give us a smile. Remember that even though you follow big, fancy, month 12, you are the start of a brand new year. People make life-changing resolutions to you… and fitness organizations think you’re awesome. In fact people do lots of great things during you. They eat better; sleep better; behave generally better and quit all the bad stuff in their lives. You may be a cold month January, but you are a hopeful one. In fact, I would argue the most hopeful of all.
Cheers to you January. Cheers to your countless minor hockey tournaments. Cheers to new starts and new years. Cheers to striving to fit into those jeans you can’t let go of in the back of your closet. But most of all, January a big, fancy cheers to you. B. xo