Director’s Notes: Notes From Imperial

April always makes me think of April Fool’s Day. The day that you have free rein to fool your friends, family and workmates with some heart-stopping practical joke or nutty hoax. I do not usually take part but have had all of the items on my desk glued down and can attest to the hilarity.
It’s a bit of an odd holiday, so of course I googled it to find out it’s origins (we all do this now right?).  This is where I think the Day itself may be getting its own back because I was able to find no less than 15 origin options and countless web pages devoted to the mystery.  And the further I dug the more I began to feel a fool myself. Origin search abandoned.
I include the previous digression because once I had been drawn into the world-wide web and it’s oh-so-many blind alleys I couldn’t seem to resist more research. Then, of course that I remembered that we are actually here to talk about Imperial Theatre and this was getting me nowhere. But was it?
Aha! I was willing to bet that all of our April shows had some kooky holiday attached and I could find a way to talk theatre AND find my way out of the darkness towards the light. Here we go…
Ivan Coyote: Tomboy Survival Guide hits Imperial on Friday, April 6. Ivan and their band deliver fun, thoughtful songs and stories about gender politics, being the odd one out and finding your own way. *mature content. Also April 6th? Walk to Work Day.
Thursday, April 12 brings us to our popular Mystery Concert. You come, pay $20 and if you don’t like the show within the first 20 minutes, we refund your $20 and you can be proud that you took a chance on something new. We, of course think you’ll love the show. Also April 12th? Grilled Cheese Day (Woot!).
The very next day, Friday, April 13 we welcome our old pals from Classic Albums Live and this time they are playing Supertramp’s classic, Breakfast in America. Hurry. Tickets go fast. Also April 13th?  International Plant Appreciation Day / Thank goodness plants have their own day. I was concerned.
 Symphony New Brunswick presents A Baroque Banquet on Wednesday, April 18 with guest conductor Tania Miller. Also April 18th? International Juggler’s Day.
We bring the month home on Sunday, April 22 at 2:00pm with a wonderful kids show called Manxmouse. The show is based on the book Manxmouse, The Mouse Who Knew No Fear. Ages 10 & under. But that is not all that happens on April 22. It is the gloriously-conceived-of Jelly Bean Day. So Manxmouse and Jelly Beans it is!  I heart you April.  B. xo