Director’s Notes: Notes From Imperial

There are a lot of great things about working at Imperial Theatre but my favourite perk, hands down, is the interesting people we meet. I am not just speaking of the artists that come through but all of the people; our peers at the Playhouse, The Capital and PEI’s Confederation Centre; the wonderful dance, music, and theatre professionals right here at home; and the talented crews that accompany the shows that make their way to Imperial. We are very fortunate and after being here a while you realize that the artists that come through are just regular folks.
That is not to say that we don’t behave a little bit goofy about the occasional visiting artist. I love Ron Sexsmith’s music and covet his way with words but whenever he is here I run in the opposite direction. I become a 12-year old school girl and lose any capacity I may possess for rational thought. The startling handsome and incredibly talented cast of Cirque Alfonse’s Timber leaves our entire marketing department without the power of speech. And Darlene Love left, literally, every member of our sometimes rather jaded theatre staff in absolutely awe.
February and March 2018 threaten to leave one or all of us equally dumbfounded at one point or another. We are bracing ourselves. Britain’s Tayo Aluko is bringing his play about the life of Paul Robeson (Call Mr. Robeson) on February 23rd and we have been utterly smitten by talent, his lovely accent and his impeccable manners. We are unlikely to speak to him in person when he is on SJ soil.
Canadian singer-that-if-you-listen-to-you-will-become-a-fan-of-immediately (really youtube AMP Sessions William Prince Bloom), William Prince is coming March 13 and Kathleen and I are just a tiny bit excited. I mean…we’re not foolishly excited. We’re just normally excited. Like normal people; the way that normal people show excitement for things. Not odd at all…completely normal. We are unlikely to speak to William in person. But are likely to discuss at great length the next day how we should have.
Wonderfully talented dancer and actress Dulcy Langfelder is returning February 16 with her show Victoria. She is one of those New York women that seems so cool and smart. You feel sure you would be fast friends if you met over dinner and drinks and she really got to know you. She would think that you were awash in coolness and smartness and she would insist that you and a pal come stay with her in her understated but gorgeous Brooklyn apartment. You are unlikely to speak to Dulcy in person. You will hear how great she was from a few crew members. You will kick yourself. B.  xo