Director’s Notes: Notes From Imperial

Hello Spring. Hello budding trees and sunny skies. We have missed you. We could have done without the terrible flooding (thoughts go out from the Imperial team to everyone that was affected) but we’re still glad that you are here.
For us at Imperial spring brings with it more than the welcome flowers and warmer weather, it also signals that it is time to put all of our next Season plans into place as we prepare for our annual Launch in June. This particular Season Launch is rather special though. Why so special you ask?
Reason #1 – It is our new Executive Director’s first Season Launch. Angela has worked over the last year researching and curating acts to track down the most dynamic, diverse and fun artists that she could find to create a full list of shows to please any taste. And while this may sound like its fun (which it is) it is also hard work. Angela may make it look easy but it is not.
Reason #2 – This isn’t just any Season Launch this is the Season Launch of our 25th Season as the restored Imperial Theatre. Now, many of you may not recall the Bi-Capital Project, which brought an entire city together for a common cause (Imperial Theatre) but… it was a thing of beauty. Every neighbourhood, every school, every person was involved and it seemed to signify what Saint John could do when it really put it’s mind to it. The Project started in 1986 and took twelve years to complete and while it was a tough, long and I’m sure, sometimes pretty lonely road for those at the centre of it, they stayed committed their goal of giving our city a quality, professional, beautiful building and came out victorious for it’s relaunch on May 24th, 1994.
As we kick-off this 25th Season on June 5th we’ll be filling the city in on the fabulous shows that we have planned for you and while this is fun and exciting, the truly very best thing about this Launch is the reminder it gives us of just how we got here. We got here because the people of Saint John and Surrounding Areas gave of themselves. They gave their time, their money and their hearts and while it may sound corny, Imperial would not be here today without every single one of you. You made this happen. You gave life back to this historical building and helped welcome artists from across the world to its stage. You made it possible for thousands of local school children to see live, professional theatre in their hometown. You did this. Thank you so very much! B. xo