Designs For Real Life: Island Living

As the snowflakes fall and the chill in the air gets colder, do you find yourself daydreaming of warm memories for you and your family on a beautiful island? Well I have just the answer for you, skip the flight and enjoy Island Living year round. Have you heard the saying that “everything happens at the island” or perhaps this one: “no matter where the party is, the east coasters always flock to the kitchen island”? Both are very true. A kitchen island can be better than a one week vacay. It can solve your hair pulling storage problems or it can get you away from rolling dough on the tiny, dark countertop space by the sink.
Space limited? An island can be made into custom sizes. Long and narrow, square shaped or angled. We can make any style. There are also three common heights; Bar Height 42”; Table Height 30” and, the most popular, Counter Height 36”. Most prefer one level and 36”height. Your island will be the same counter height as the rest of the kitchen and your prep space is a large even surface without restriction.  In some cases there are ways to gain space by adding an island. Maybe your stove or dishwasher is taking room in a space by itself and it could become part of your island. The tall microwave cabinet can go and we can build the microwave into the island. The kitchen table that barely gets  used can leave and you can create an island with seating for a breakfast for two, four, six and more.
A kitchen designer can design an island in your room that will be the right size and fill the needs you have. In new construction the trend is the bigger the island, the better. The upper and lower cabinets themselves are getting fewer and clients prefer to maximize the area that will get the most use. You can have fun with a new island by making it an accent color. This also makes it easier if you want to add an island but not change your whole kitchen. Maintenance Free Quartz Countertops are a great way to finish off your island with a show stopping surface that will give a tired kitchen an instant Wow factor.
So mix up some Mojitos, crank the heat and start thinking if Island Living is for you.