Designs For Real Life: Cottage Kitchens VS. Farmhouse Kitchens

Dream of having a comfortable, relaxing kitchen that reminds you of your vacations away? Every morning can be as serene as a trip to the beach or in your childhood “happy place”. Creating a kitchen of solitude might just be the answer for a busy life but what fits better… Farm Style or Cottage style?
Cottage Kitchens often pull inspiration from the beach or the woods. No bold colors or textures just light colors and elements balanced in a fuss free simple way. Cabinetry can be painted in whites, light blues, soft greens or in rustic woods like hickory and maple. Light stone countertops without a lot of pattern is the best way to keep it complimentary and then add a farm sink with a country looking faucet. Exposed dining plates and shelves with knick knacks are a great way to make the space seem less enclosed and more relaxed. So what if company can see the dishes. It adds to the livability of the kitchen. Durable flooring in a warm grey plank is a good choice, then you can add a woven rug in front of the sink for style and comfort. The mission is to create a kitchen that most would feel like they are on “vacation time” every day.
Farm Style Kitchens are similar but, I believe they have a different feel. To me, a farm style kitchen should feel like you have gone back in time to your grandmother kitchen. Bolder colors, taller cabinets, glass doors to show off your china, are all parts you can implement in a 2018 farm style kitchen. To obtain a true farmstyle kitchen think about your cabinet construction. Most cabinets today are called frameless which means you don’t see hinges or a frame around the doors. If you want a true farm style cabinet from years ago think about inset construction. This is where the door is flush inside a frame and you can have visible decorative hinges. Farm Style sinks are also popular with a rustic looking stone countertop such as soapstone, which looks only better with age. On your floor a decorative bold pattern tile works. Add plants and elements of nostalgia such as vintage signs or pictures. Balance of farm style could be a creamy white kitchen with black iron hardware or greens, blues, greys, yellows. You can go with fun colors that tug at the memories. If you loved your grandma’s periwinkle kitchen, then farmstyle makes it easy to recreate that.