Designs For Real Life: A New Era of Laminate Countertops

Laminate countertops have been around since the 1930’s. Feel like you have been looking at the same countertop from the same decade? Good News. It’s an easy update and it will change your whole kitchen. Often going by different names, basically what you are looking at every day in your kitchen is post form countertops which is a sheet of laminate applied to particle board substrate with formed edges and backsplash.
Laminate countertops have come a long way over the years and even though stone countertops are at an all-time high, laminate is still #1 mostly because of affordability.
When you shop for laminate countertops today you will find hundreds of colors, styles and looks. You can now have laminate that looks so close to natural stone granite with all the big, unpredictable pattern which are perfect for a big island and instantly create a statement. Go for a wow pattern on the island and a more neutral smaller pattern on the perimeter of the kitchen for balance.
Check out the Formica 180 FX series of colors that has the most realistic stone looks, wood looks and artistic patterns. Laminate countertops also make a good desk surface and a perfect folding surface above a front load washer and dryer. All colors are very close in price range but what can be an upgrade is the depth of the piece you need. Standard countertops are under 26” deep including the overhang. Once you go past that depth, let’s say for a peninsula or an island, then you need a bar top piece. These pieces are finished on both sides and capped on the ends. Size can be an issue depending on your layout and because laminate is only available in certain sizes. It can cause more seams and some layouts that just won’t work with standard laminate countertops. We provide a service that we manufacture the countertop in shop by applying the desired laminate on MDF. We apply a square edge, wood or Corian edge. It’s a great alternative if needed.
Easy to clean, and inexpensive to switch it out with design trends over the years. If you are building a new home and want to have a few years to budget for stone countertops then laminate can be a solution. Have fun with the textures and go see all that is out there for your design.