Creating Your Kitchen: Let It All Sink In

Creating Your Kitchen: Let It All Sink InHave you shopped for a sink lately? Did you feel like you needed a plumbing degree? Top mount, under mount, stainless, granite, one bowl, one and ¾ bowl. What does your kitchen need? Let’s break it down.
 For starters Pop Quiz – Part of the kitchen that gets the most use, over 80 percent? – your sink.
Without a sink, could you literally do anything in the kitchen? The answer is no. People have had their stainless sinks for 20+ years and when it is time to replace, it is easy to assume any stainless would do but they don’t make them like they used to.
 Stainless Sinks – There are different gauges of stainless to be aware of. Cheaper entry level sinks will be thinner and possibly easier to damage – How does this affect you? When you drop a bowl into the sink do you want a loud “tin sounding” bang. Ask the questions, know the gauge – 18 is excellent but feel free to flick it in the store.
 Granite sinks are the fastest growing sink choice in North America. Seven different colours, lots of configurations and options. It’s a sleek look that instantly updates any kitchen. Scratch, stain and bacteria resistant, it is virtually maintenance free. It keeps the dish water hotter, longer. People love these sinks.
 Everyone loves the cleaning factor and the smooth look of an under mount sink but unless you have a stone countertop it isn’t a recommended option. Countertops made of laminate materials are not friendly with water therefore having an exposed edge that close to the faucet would damage your countertops. Many clients are happy with their kitchen but just want to upgrade to quartz counters and a new sink. Yes this can be done.
 In all materials there are a variety of configurations now. It is not just the two equal bowl option, although that is still popular. Unsure what you prefer? Ask your dishwasher? Does he or she like to wash dishes by hand? Then the separation might be the best. If you mainly use the dishwasher then maybe a large one bowl would work better for you. Pay attention to dimensions. It is not crazy to measure your dishes before you head out shopping. Better safe than washing that large pot in the tub.