Creating Your Kitchen: 50 Shades Of Cabinets

Creating Your Kitchen: 50 Shades Of CabinetsPainted Cabinets are taking over Pinterest these days and also in the showroom. Ninety percent of people who come in for a new kitchen steer away from the wood grain and say “hello” to bright, happy, colourful kitchens. It is like anything else in life. If you wore a black coat for 20 years you may try an off white parka next. Everyone wants a change and boy oh boy, paint can do that.

 Before we get into the world of colors let’s talk about the process. In a new kitchen our paint finish is applied in a dust free environment with high tech sprayers and then the cabinets are baked in ovens. The best way to keep the door looking brand new is choosing a quantity manufacturer with a controlled process and also by choosing the right base of the door. When it comes to paint, it is best to paint on a high quality MDF door. Why? MDF does not change in any humidity levels but wood can slightly expand or crack based on humidity. On a stained door you would never notice this but on a painted finish it magnifies the lines. Keep this in mind if you chose to paint your existing cabinets. When you paint existing cabinets I say to people you are buying about five years best case scenario until you paint them again and even though you paint the doors, the function of the kitchen won’t change. Consider pricing a new kitchen, then you have the best of both worlds.

 Now colour. We can literally paint cabinets any color from any fan deck so there are no limits. Classic and clean – timeless and fresh for years to come. Then just add accents of colors in accessories, hardware or backsplash. Top Picks; white, off whites, light grey tones.

 Trendy and HGTV approved – Medium levels of color that are still warm and inviting. Top Picks; blues, greys, greens, taupes.

 Bold and one of a kind – Darker tones that create a full kitchen wow factor. Top picks; navy blue, indigo, teal, black, emerald green.

 It is all about creating the right balance and that’s where a designer comes in. The cabinets are a large portion of your kitchen and you want to create the right mix of one or two or three colors all while incorporating the look of the tile floor, appliances and the door hardware. Don’t be afraid of color. If you love it today, then you will love it just as much in 10 years. Life is too short to not have your kitchen reflect you.