Comments of a Distracted Mind: Different Strokes For Different Folks


Growing up, I didn’t display many maternal instincts. I had “career Barbie” long before it was fashionable.  My Barbie was a lawyer or a doctor or a pilot… she was always well dressed and I spent a great deal of time styling hair and deciding which briefcase best fit the career of the day. My sister on the other hand was very maternal. She had a set of “quint” dolls and generously offered to share the babies with me so that my Barbie could also be a mom but I declined. So while my Barbie was off being professional, my sister’s Barbie was home being domestic. The same pattern held true when playing dolls, My Little Pony or a myriad of other games all little girls play.
As adults I embraced my career. I liked knowing what my daily schedule would be, knowing that I would be able to dress in pretty clothes, style my hair, do my nails, and experiment with makeup. I enjoyed the challenge posed by working with tight deadlines and the thrill of contributing to a “win” for my employer’s clients. The little rush that I would get when I found that elusive bit of case law, the missing piece of a puzzle that could mean the difference between a common-law spouse receiving a fair division of assets or losing everything served as a natural high for me.
My sister on the other hand is known as “mother nature”. She is now a mom of four boys, a step-mom to an adult son and a grandmother to her step-son’s two children. She also babysits, runs a playgroup and is hoping to re-open her pre-school in the fall. She presides over a hectic menagerie comprised one ten month old who has just learned how to pull himself up on things and has a fascination with water, one three year old who personifies every action word known to man, a seven year old who knows no fear , a ten year old taking notes on how to be a lawyer, a husband who drives long-haul truck, two large, hyperactive dogs, two slightly psychotic cats, one non-litter trained bunny, and however many hamsters happen to be in the three cages at any given time. The running joke between Becca and her husband is that they “are one pony away from a hobby farm”.
Despite our differences, my sister and I have always been incredibly close (with the exception of our teen years when we both loved and hated each other at any given time). We can talk about anything and everything, although when it comes to our different lifestyles we often tell the other-“I don’t know how you do it”.