Comments of a Distracted Mind: The Minimalistic Garden View

The leaves are changing colour, the geese are honking overhead and the morning dew is turning to morning frost. With the end of October comes my least favourite time of year, November. However you want to describe that period between Indian summer and the Christmas Season, I have never enjoyed the grey days of late fall and the month of November always seems so dreary.  After a summer of nurturing my flower pots and gardens, wandering the trails and sipping a drink on the patio, I resent the shorter days and colder nights. I mourn the loss of my flowers and dread the day that I have to put my gardens to bed for the winter.
This fall, after a spring and summer of getting ready for baby, and then recovering from surgery while learning how to take care of baby, my gardens really suffered and the task of prepping for winter seems even more daunting than usual. When I was finally able to spend a few uninterrupted minutes working in the garden rather than simply looking at it, I realized that Mother Nature had been hard at work reclaiming my garden plots and many of my perennials had been choked out by encroaching weeds. I finally made the difficult decision to approach gardening with a view towards the minimalistic for the 2018 season. Since early September I have been working away at removing the worst of the weeds, clearing new, smaller plots and transplanting a few of my favourite flowers. With Emma as supervisor and Rufus looking on from the window sill, I built a rock wall and path around a raised garden bed before transplanting the Hostas and Astilbe that I brought from my mother’s gardens at our family home.  Another garden was created for the Irises from my grandmother’s garden and Peonies from Kevin’s grandparents’ plot.
I am now left with the task of filling in a few holes and spreading grass seed over large areas that at one time boasted Brown Eyed Susans, Irises and Peonies. I think Kevin is pleased at the prospect that mowing will be easier as he will have only two small gardens and the pad for our above ground pool to mow around rather than the extensive gardens I slaved over in the past. All in all, I am pleased with my new garden plots; next year, my gardens will be filled with flowers and family history, a combination that I believe will increase my enjoyment of the season.