Comments of a Distracted Mind: Growth and Aspirations

A little over a year ago Kevin and I began our journey into the world of publication “sans safety-net”.  In February, 2017, Mike and Debbie were able to finish saying their “Long Goodbye”, bidding adieu to the hectic schedule and pressure of deadlines, with visions of retirement and leisure dancing in their heads.
I will admit to being woefully unprepared to take the helm at Ossekeag. I had big shoes to fill, a head full of dreams, a belly expanding at a rapid pace and zero practical knowledge of the printing industry.  Thankfully, we had a wonderful staff, lots of encouragement from the community and a very understanding-trying-to-retire-but-remaining-on-call former owner, willing to answer even the most mundane questions. I lost track of the number of calls for help and urgent emails Debbie answered over those first few weeks.  I’m sure she (and Mike) was tired of hearing my voice on the other end of the phone  saying “Sorry to bug you, I’ve forgotten what you said to do about….”
Over the past year Kevin and I worked hard to ensure Ossekeag continued to honour the tradition of community-minded service that has been the cornerstone of the business since the Boyd’s published the first Hampton Herald 36 years ago. We have had some incredible highs, including our HACC award for workplace excellence and some devastating lows, such as the decision to stop publishing the Tides, our Saint John publication. We have also said goodbye to several staff members, Terri, Jon, Beth and most recently, Vanessa, who have all moved on to the next chapter of their lives but remain a part of our family.
Now that we have moved into our sophomore year, Kevin and I are looking at making some changes to the papers and company as a whole in an effort to serve our communities better. First and foremost, the company will be leaving its current location and relocating sometime this spring. It will be difficult to leave 242 Main Street, steeped as it is in Ossekeag History; however, the move to a smaller space will allow us to continue to provide the same level of service with minimal increase in cost to our advertisers.
Over the next few months Ossekeag will be promoting our new Spot-light feature – a feature dedicated to individuals and not-for-profit groups in the community to share their stories.  We will debut our Graphic Art Division, in partnership with Rainbow Printing, and will be starting our data entry and spread sheet design divisions.
We are also very excited to welcome Hampton High Co-Op student, Edwin, in the role of student journalist. He will be working closely with our editor, Karey, to learn the ins and outs of production and ad placement as well as the finer points of copy editing. Edwin will also be joining me for “Spot Light” interviews. Watch for his column in an upcoming issue – Edwin will be providing us with a young adult look at current events and the early days of the 2018 Provincial Election.
As always, we are looking for ways to engage our readers while supporting local businesses.  If you have any suggestions, or a story to share, please contact us at We want to hear from you! We thank you for all of your support and hope to continue growing with you.