Comments of a Distracted Mind: Eating For Two Part Deux

No, we’re not expecting our second child, but I am eating for two again. Emma is just over six months now and our little bundle of miracle-rainbow-child joy is not so little anymore. Still joyful, our baby girl has two teeth now, little fairy-like wisps of hair and two adorable curls behind her ears. Emma is a bouncing, squealing, smiling, bundle of personality, happily chewing and gumming on anything and everything.
And I do mean everything! Emma starting showing an interest in food toward the end of December, and she ate her first solids just before her six month birthday in January. Since then it’s been a struggle for me to not only ensure that she is eating age-appropriate, nutritious food but to also model healthy eating practices. I figured I had a few more months of indulgence left before I had to admit that it was time to back off my pregnancy diet of carbs, carbs, chocolate, Pepsi, and more carbs and start reaching for more fruit and veggies. That is, until I noticed Emma eyeing up my chips. So I stopped snacking in front of her.  Last week, Emma tried her hardest to get a sip from my can of Pepsi. Now, I have no problem with her trying pop or chips- but not when she’s six months old!
Thus begins the journey of eating for two (or really three considering I’m cooking for Kevin as well – poor man is thrilled at the idea of not being fed pizza every three or four days). Oddly enough, I’m enjoying this foray into “real” food. I’ve always been a picky eater and turned my nose up at countless recipes based solely on preconceived notions of my distaste of an ingredient. Even when we were trying clean eating before my pregnancy, our diet remained very limited by my distrust of new foods and ingredients. I never thought I’d be grateful for baby food; showing Emma sweet potatoes and trying a few bites to encourage her to have a taste led me to realize that the one and only time I tried sweet potato in a dish and disliked it does not necessarily mean that I won’t like the food itself. I’m withholding judgement on green beans though. I’m absolutely 100%, without a doubt in my mind, certain that I don’t like green beans. Not that I’ll tell Emma that!
Mealtimes are fun now. With Emma in her high chair and Kevin and I on either side of her at the table we actually have meals rather than a quick bite between bottles and paper work, we talk and share each other’s company and watch with awe and wonder as Emma experiences the joys of eating with family. So I shall embrace peaches and pears for dessert, and try to view meal prep as a benefit of parenting rather than a chore at the end of the day. And if we have the occasional carb based meal of pizza and Pepsi, I’ll enjoy my treat all the more.  

As an aside,  Kevin and I are always looking for ways to serve our communities better.  If you happen to see a “For Sale” sign on the building at 242 Main Street- Don’t panic!  We are not closing our doors, but our lease is coming due so we will be moving to a different location this spring.