Around & About: Carleton Christmas And Fairville Festivities

Around & About: Carleton Christmas And Fairville FestivitiesI always think it is a shame to have to start thinking about Christmas before Remembrance Day is past but the point is, if you don’t certain things cannot come off successfully as the 25th approaches and people get so busy! That’s the case, for sure, for a night I have planned for the West Branch Library to help them mark their 50th year in the Lancaster Mall. I have been doing programs for them off and on for all of those 5o years, and wanted to do something special to mark the occasion.

 Thus, this program, Carleton Christmas and Fairville Festivities. Now, I have lots of material to draw on – a Lumberman’s banquet in the 1880’s, the first Christmas Tree lights in the early 1900’s in Carleton, and the time Santa nearly perished when he caught on fire in Fairville as examples. However, it is my wish and hope that many who read this will have some stories or memories of their own to share. Does someone remember the first Christmas K mart was open? Has anyone got memories of decorating at Centracare? How about Christmas celebrations at Simms? We’ve got a nice new Restaurant at Reversing Falls, but does anyone remember the old Trading Post, and the dances at Christmas that were held there? How about how the Fairville Fountain or the Star Restaurant were decorated? Does anyone have memories of shopping at Emerson’s, or Fairville Hardware? How about Cantatas at local churches? Caroling at the DVA? Did Moosehead do anything special at Christmas? How about the railroad, was any effort made to decorate the Fairville Station? Well, you get the gist, I don’t have any of these stories but I know they might be out there and I’d love to hear them. Even if you can’t come the night of Wednesday, December 13 at 7:00pm if you share your story with me, I’ll have someone read it.  I do hope many will set this time aside and help us celebrate the library’s 50th year, and as well, keep Christmas stories of the area alive. Send me e mails at or call me at 672-8601.